Impact Profile: New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks!

Nov 10, 2021

“I constantly have these moments of pride for not just what this organization does but what art can do for humanity.”

-Ashley Occhino, Executive Director, New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks!


Ashley Occhino’s words resonant because we firmly believe that the arts are essential to our quality of life. It’s why it’s a strategic focus of the Community Foundation and why we invest in art and culturally focused nonprofits that are community-driven and use the arts as a way to challenge, inspire and change lives.

A good example is the New Bedford Art Museum. Check out this short video to learn a bit more about this impressive organization. We also encourage you to check out their exhibit, UNCOMMON THREADS THE WORK OF RUTH E. CARTER. It showcases the creations of this Academy Award-winning (Black Panther, 2018) costume designer. It closes this weekend.

Photo & Video: Ethan de Aguiar

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