Donor Resources

The Community Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities for our donors to expand their knowledge and exchange ideas with us and one another.

Network & Learn

We offer a variety of events designed to increase our donors’ understanding of the needs of our region, gain insight into the solutions provided by local nonprofits, and explore new models of innovative philanthropy.

Assets We Accept

The SouthCoast Community Foundation is here to support your goals for philanthropic giving. Whatever your plans for making a charitable gift, we offer a range of solutions allowing you to decide exactly what and how you would like to give.

Ways You Can Give

Make a contribution to the SouthCoast Community Foundation by credit card using our online donation form.

You may also contribute by check and wire transfer. Please contact us for wiring instructions –  All checks should be made payable to the SouthCoast Community Foundation should include the fund name or other gift designation in the memo line, and mailed to SouthCoast Community Foundation, 128 Union Street, Ste 403, New Bedford, MA 02740. Please note we do not accept currency in any form at the office.

Publicly Traded Securities:
Gifting appreciated stock allows donors to leverage key tax benefits and further increase their charitable impact on our community. We will liquidate your stocks upon receipt and allocate them toward your charitable fund.

Mutual Fund Shares:
Mutual fund shares may be gifted to the SouthCoast Community Foundation via electronic transfer. Please contact our Development Manager, at or 508-996-8253 ext. 203 to coordinate your mutual fund share transfer.

Life Insurance Policies:
When planning your estate, you have the option to designate the SouthCoast Community Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of your policy or its proceeds.

Retirement Plan Assets:
Support causes you are passionate about with your retirement plan assets. You are able to designate the SouthCoast Community Foundation as the beneficiary of a portion or all of the assets held in a qualified retirement plan or IRA.

Forms & Fund Agreements

We have a file with agreements for each type of fund – we should mention here that people can contact us to discuss further. Agreements to Include: Donor Advised Fund Agreement, Scholarship Agreement, Fee Schedule and note that for other types of funds, people should contact us directly

Investments (Performance & Policy)

The Fund’s investment objective is to preserve its purchasing power while providing a continuing and stable funding source to support the current and future mission of the SouthCoast Community Foundation. To accomplish this objective, the Fund seeks to generate a total return that will exceed not only its operating expenses, but also all expenses associated with managing the Fund and the eroding effects of inflation.

It is the intention that all total return (interest income, dividends, and realized gains) above and beyond the amount approved for expenditure or distribution will be reinvested in the Fund. The Fund will be managed on a total return basis, consistent with the applicable standard of conduct set forth in the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA).

Fund Advisor Portal

Once your fund has been established, you can use the online tool Fund Advisor Portal, to easily review quarterly statements, recent fund activity, contribute to your fund, and more.