Impact Profile: Meet the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra

May 11, 2021


“I love music, and I love New Bedford, so leading the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra is the perfect job for me. I know firsthand the impact music can have on a person’s life, and I want as many people to experience that as possible in our community.”

– Dave Prentiss, President and CEO, New Bedford Symphony Orchestra


The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra (NBSO) believes music can enrich and transform lives. That is why in addition to providing exciting and moving musical experiences, they offer educational programs to children in our region. They are also dedicated to building strong relationships with other music and cultural organizations because they believe collaboration makes all organizations and our community stronger. We couldn’t agree more.

In today’s Impact Profile, President and CEO Dave Prentiss gives us an overview of the organization and a brief update on what the NBSO has planned for this coming year. The Southeastern Massachusetts arts and cultural community is coming alive this spring with a lot of wonderful programs. We are fortunate that the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra is a big part of the mix!


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