Francis S. Ferreira Scholarship Fund

Jan 10, 2021

Francis S. Ferreira (pictured) was passionate about technology and engineering, but he was even more passionate about the importance of getting a college education. Francis found that his son, David, came by that same love for technology naturally, but he left nothing to chance when it came to instilling in David the understanding that getting a college degree was non-negotiable.

“My dad could do just about anything in the technology field and he worked in the industry for many years, but he always told me that his lack of a college degree held him back and limited his opportunities, and he was adamant that I get that piece of paper, regardless of what I wanted to do as a career.” said David Ferreira, founding donor of the fund.

“I decided that creating the Francis S. Ferreira Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation was a great way to honor his memory and help people learn more about him. He was a New Bedford Voc-Tech graduate, he loved the school and gave a lot of his time and expertise on their Advisory Board. That’s why his scholarship fund will help graduating seniors and recent graduates of Voke pursue technology and engineering degrees. I wanted a way to help kids and keep my dad close to me, and the Community Foundation has helped me to do just that.”

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