Creative SouthCoast Blog: Capacity Building

Feb 3, 2022

So, what do we mean by capacity building? Glad you asked! Capacity building is the investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of a nonprofit. This can take the form of financial support, community building, mentoring, and resources to strengthen skillset or infrastructure. The SouthCoast Community Foundation focuses on capacity building through our Creative SouthCoast Initiative for a working group we call the “Building Blocks Cohort.” The Cohort is comprised of 13 local arts organizations from the New Bedford and Fall River area whose annual revenue is $250,000 or less. Bolstering these smaller nonprofits was based on their fiscal standing but also on their plans to revitalize the area with visual and performing arts and art therapy, bringing culturally diverse creativity into these communities, and increasing access for youth. Through workshops, convening, technical assistance, and grantmaking we have seen these organizations evolve. By deepening financial support and forming a learning community where successes and challenges are shared, the capacity of each participating cohort member is continually enhanced.  Just ask, Keri Cox, Executive Director of 3rd EyE Unlimited, “I love the technical assistance we’ve received through the cohort. It’s helped our organization tremendously.” Capacity building will continue to be a focus in 2022 to elevate arts and culture in the region. If you are interested in supporting organizations like our cohort. Please be in touch.


Creative SouthCoast Initiative – Building Block Cohort


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