COVID Response: The Plymouth Taskforce to End Homelessness

May 25, 2021

The Plymouth Taskforce to End Homelessness, an all-volunteer organization in partnership with Father Bill’s & Mainspring, has been providing shelter for the homeless since 2004. For the last seventeen years, two churches were used to provide a warm respite for meals and facilities during the winter months, which usually concluded in April. When COVID-19 stuck, all businesses and public buildings were shut down, so homeless individuals had no place to go. On top of that, it was a particularly wet and cold season, so shelters were needed through May. After exploring several different options, the Taskforce found a creative solution in the Pilgrim Sands Hotel to provide shelter. To cover the costs of the hotel rooms in the winter and spring months, Plymouth Taskforce received several grants from our Emergency Response Fund throughout the year totaling $132,000.

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