Impact Profile: Meet Gnome Surf

Aug 26, 2021

“I grew up undiagnosed ADHD. I struggled with schoolwork. I struggled with a lot of things. I found peace and calm in art and surfing, and everything seemed to slow down when I was creating or surfing. I knew I had found something special that I needed to share with kids. That’s what drives me. To be honest with you – this is my life. These kids are my life.”

– Chris Antao, Founder, Gnome Surf

In the heat of summer, who wouldn’t want to be out on the waves learning to surf? We thought it a perfect time to share about Gnome Surf and hear from its founder, Chris Antao. Gnome Surf is a Surf Therapy organization whose mission is to create a cultural shift toward kindness, love, and acceptance for all kids of all abilities. They accomplish this by providing families with surf therapy, art therapy, ecotherapy, and yoga experiences locally and globally, regardless of their socio-economic status. Their vision is a world where acceptance and kindness are the norms for individuals with special abilities. Gnome Surf athletes are free to be exactly who they are, and their every dream is encouraged. A beautiful and inspiring philosophy that the world needs more of these days.


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