2021 Get Out & Art! Request for Proposals

Jun 15, 2021



Creative SouthCoast Initiative & New Bedford Housing Authority Partnership

For the third year, the Creative SouthCoast Initiative of the Community Foundation and the New Bedford Housing Authority are launching a summer grant opportunity to bring community arts programs into residential neighborhoods. The goal of this program is to introduce children ages 7 -11 to studio and performing art forms and engage them with culturally rich and immersive art experiences. There is no specific art medium required, but it must be hands-on and participatory. Proposals should include:

  • 7-week curricul
    um outline including a final event for student to showcase their art
  • Program budget including staffing, all materials and supplies, program marketing and outreach, daily snack for participants, etc.

The program meets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, alternating weekly between three locations – Blue Meadows, Park Dale, and Brickenwood. The schedule will be set ahead of time and will remain consistent.

Get Out and Art is offered from July 6th– August 17th for two hours in the evening from 4 pm – 6 pm.

Priority will be given to organizations that see this as a way to build their capacity to engage youth in a variety of New Bedford neighborhoods using innovative and unconventional methods. Ideally, organizations will have the capacity to run an evening program, and have staff that are excited about connecting with culturally diverse communities. It is imperative that staff are consistent with providing quality programming and a positive environment for participants. Organizations will be responsible for helping with program outreach and should include expenses for doing so in the program budget (sharing flyers, meeting with residents in the neighborhoods, etc.)

Interested? Please complete the online grant application. If selected as a finalist, you will be invited for an interview by June 18, 2021.

Please contact Werlaine Badio with any questions, wbadio@southcoastcf.org or 508.996.8253 ext. 202

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