Donor Story: Dr. Gilbert and Timmy Shapiro

Jul 5, 2022



Gilbert and Timmy Shapiro moved to the South Coast area in the early 1960’s, to set up Dr. Shapiro’s Orthopedic practice. Given he was in the medical field, Dr. Shapiro was naturally focused on being helpful to community members, especially historically excluded populations. He often found that many of his patients suffering from industrial accidents struggled to cover their expenses and take care of themselves when out of work.

So, when he learned that a Community Foundation was being formed in 1995, he and his wife saw an opportunity to do more for their neighbors and get involved. The community-minded Shapiro’s generous support to institutions and causes has long been felt in Massachusetts and the Community Foundation counts itself as extremely fortunate to have had their involvement in the organization since its very inception, including Dr. Shapiro being a past Board Chair. Timmy is no longer with us, but her generosity lives on in Gilbert and their children. Commented Dr. Shapiro, “The Community Foundation is supporting organizations in this region to help good, hard-working people who deserve whatever assistance we can provide. It is simply the right thing to do and why our family has enthusiastically donated annually to help the Foundation successfully carry out its mission year in and year out.”

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