Be the Bee!

Jun 29, 2022

Did you know it takes 100 bees to make just one teaspoon of honey?

So why am I talking about honey? Many of you might not know that when I’m not running the Community Foundation, I can be found working in my bee apiary. We enjoyed incorporating this little-known fact into our recent Annual Meeting, which turned into a perfect moment to share my analogy about community.

A hive is made up of thousands of worker bees who are entirely focused on building and protecting the hive, keeping the queen thriving and, in turn, the hive. Taking a cue from nature, bees are part of a bigger picture of helping us all get more connected with where our food comes from, which allows us to work towards, restoring relationships with each other and all of creation, caring for the bees and tasting the sweetness of their labor is a privilege and one example of stewarding to the universe. A community is only as strong as its buzz, and bees do this best, as does the Community Foundation.

All members of a community can create an impact bigger than themselves. And by caring for this piece of nature’s creation, we can become a brighter beacon for the community.

Needless to say, every attendee at our Annual Meeting walked away with a sample of my very own honey!

We’re all in this hive -community- together.
Be the Bee!

Leonard M. Lee – President & CEO

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